Learning Piano Lesson in Inexpensive Way with My Precious Daughter

Hi there! My name is Eva Zhou from Singapore. Often the time, my friend always label me with the nickname of “Super Mommy Zhou”. I’m a mommy of a 4 years old daughter and 2 years old son. Yeah, both are my precious one. To ensure their well-balance of cheerful childhood yet strengthen their ability to focus, i look up for courses to enroll especially for my daughter in filling up some of her free time. After discussing with my husband, from broad range of suitable courses we could think of, we finally narrow down to ballet and piano.

  • Choosing between Ballet Vs Piano Lesson

Well, its really a tough decision to choose in between which one suit her the most and most importantly which one she likes more. There always a ‘trap’ in this situation where the parent wants the child to learn what the parent want but not to the child’s likability. Me and my husband almost got into argument as i more prompt towards ballet. At the end, we decided to enroll her for both initial try out lesson which she will show keen interest and motivated to attend it.

  • Is learning Piano too young for a 4 years old child?

To cut things short, my daughter attended the trial lesson for ballet but somehow she is not into it. So we left Piano lesson for her, and we thoughts will her age be too young to learn the Piano? We went to different music school to explore and we were told not to worry about the entry age. There are kids who can play piano really well at the age of 4-5 years old. I remember i saw a video clip from youtube before. I try to link it up when i found it.

  • Sitting in the Piano Lesson

As my daughter still young and quite a shy girl, I’ve to sit in with her during the lesson. Otherwise, she feel insecure to be alone at the beginning stage. I’m not musical type of person and it felt bored initially. However, after a few lesson of involvement in the sit in classes, it starts to spur my interest in learning piano even I’m an adult. My daughter in picking up the skills and progressing well.

So, i asked myself why not i learn piano on my own too? It will be more joyful as i could learn and progress together with my daughter. However, I’m too shy to join the small kids and further more i will just take it as a hobby. I starts to search online for resources and found pianoforall.com and this recommended book from amazon. After spending some times looking through their reviews and comparing with others, i know there are for real and purchase it for my own lesson. 🙂

Now my daughter and I are both taking the piano lesson and we both are progressing well. We are looking into getting a new piano in our home for own practice. Life is good isn’t it when you have the same interest with your kids? It bond us together even stronger and closer. Thanks for reading until here. Sharing is Caring. Have a nice day!

Signing off… “Super Mommy Zhou”

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